Message from the President & Representative Director

Committed to improve the Quality of Life of patients
as Medical Intelligence Provider

Since its establishment in 1992, ASKLEP has been steadily pursuing a path of development as a contract research organization (CRO), and have become a reliable partner of many pharmaceutical companies. The CRO plays an important role in drug development and ASKLEP is a main player in the field. However, monitoring-based CRO services require a stable labor supply and, in fact, merely the ability to procure human resources has become a competitive standard.
At ASKLEP, we are determined to shift our business model from labor-intensive to intelligence-intensive and thus provide highly value-added solutions for our clients and sustain our growth in the years to come. We go beyond the framework of the typical CRO and aspire to become a “Medical Intelligence Provider” of the best and latest medical information and data.
We have specialized in medical information and data and our mission as a Medical Intelligence Provider is to become an entity that creates and offers highly value-added medical intelligence not only to pharmaceutical companies but also to patients for patients. We are committed to assisting pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions and further optimize the Quality of Life of patients. We value a win-win approach for everyone and strive to offer the most valuable solutions.

Yuichi Yahagi
President & Representative Director



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