Business Partners

Asklep strives to expand its services by building strong partnerships with diverse companies both domestic and global to meet the ever-changing market needs and by continuous development of our business.

Solution Partner

Kyoto Constella Technologies Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Constella Technologies was established on March, 2008 as a venture company from Kyoto University. Aiming to support the drug discovery efforts of research institutes and pharmaceutical companies and to develop a database of drug adverse reaction information, we offer products and services based on our core technology developed by Professor Yasushi Okuno of Kyoto University combined with state-of-the-art computational technology.

We offer a variety of services that makes full use of state-of-the-art computational science and technology in order to support efficient research implementation. Our products and services, referred to as the Czeek series, are being offered for utilization in the fields of drug discovery research and development.

  • Screening for lead compounds (CzeekS)
  • Compound optimization,De novo design (CzeekD)
  • Adverse reactions database (CzeekV)
  • Risk Management System (CzeekR)

Kyoto Constella Technologies Website

Assemblogue Inc.

Assemblogue Inc. was established in August 2012. Since its inception, we have been offering a variety of applications and services based on the PDS (Personal Data Store (PDS) system which allows individual users (or other persons who have been entrusted by the individual) to control their own data and make use of them by sharing freely but safely with their family members, friends or service providers.

Assemblogue Inc. Website

EDC Solution Partner

Medidata Solutions, Inc.

Medidata is reinventing global drug development by creating the industry's leading cloud-based solutions for clinical research. Through our advanced applications and intelligent data analytics, Medidata helps advance the scientific goals of life sciences customers worldwide, including nearly 800 global pharmaceutical companies, innovative biotech, diagnostic and device firms, leading academic medical centers, and contract research organizations. The Medidata Clinical Cloud® brings a new level of quality and efficiency to clinical trials that empower our customers to make more informed decisions earlier and faster. Our unparalleled clinical trial data assets provide deep insights that pave the way for future growth. The Medidata Clinical Cloud is the primary technology solution powering clinical trials for 17 of the world's top 25 global pharmaceutical companies, from study design and planning through execution, management and reporting.

Medidata Solutions, Inc. Website

Pharma Consulting Group

Pharma Consulting Group (Uppsala, Sweden) was created in 2003 and began providing eCRF service in 2004. Their Viedoc™ system is now used throughout the world in more than 50 countries including in Europe, North America, Japan, and Oceania. In Japan, more than 40 clinical trial and postmarketing survey projects have used Viedoc™ to deliver results in all clinical trial phases, postmarketing surveys, and clinical trials for medical devices.

Pharma Consulting Group offers the following web-based solutions:

  • Viedoc (eCRF service)
  • ViedocMe (ePRO solutions)
  • ViedocPMS (EDC system for postmarketing surveys)

Pharma Consulting Group Website

XClinical GmbH

XClinical GmbH, an innovative EDC-CDM system vendor based in Munich, provides solutions for the electronic conduct of all types of clinical trials, post-marketing studies and registries.
XClinical develops and markets MARVIN, a CDISC ODM certified online platform for electronic data capture (EDC), clinical data management (CDM) and clinical trial management (CTM). To date, MARVIN has been used to collect and process data from more than 50,000 patients in 50+ studies.

XClinical GmbH Website



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