Know today, power tomorrow

We connect our customers to their customers,
to create a prosperous society of limitless possibilities.


The Medical Intelligence Provider

Asklep is strongly committed to creating “intelligence” with added value in the field of healthcare and to contributing to improve the Quality of Life of people.


1. Deliver the best. Always think of what's optimal for others.
2. Focus on quality. Bring the greatest return with quality beyond expectations.
3. Be responsible. Work responsibly and with passion.
4. Be flexible. Accept diversity and embrace change.
5. Enjoy challenges. Face every new opportunity with a fresh perspective.

Commitment to Quality

With 3 “I’s” as our credo, Asklep aspires to raise its brand value through continual improvement and creativity to best meet the needs of healthcare today and tomorrow.

  • Integrity

    We continue to fulfill our responsibility of improving healthcare with integrity.

  • Inspiration

    Forget stereotypes. We maintain a broad perspective and promote inspiration.

  • Innovation

    We create value and drive innovations to build a safe and healthy society.

The quality of our services provided is always judged by the healthcare world, not us. Our service has a reputation of being relevant and of high quality because we successfully respond to our society’ expectations. We make an effort to fully understand each society’s needs and expectations and deliver the service that best meets them. By doing this, we continue to enhance the Asklep brand value even further!

Commitment to Human Resource Development

Asklep is a “learning organization” where diverse values are accepted and positive recognition is a given

  • Generate Learning Opportunities By Increasing Hourly Productivity

    We aspire to become an efficient and effective organization by acknowledging others’ values, and improving our learning ability as an organization by sharing knowledge with others.

  • Lead the change.
    Foster business leaders.

    Our leadership style is multifaceted. Asklep adopts leadership styles according to the current business environment and organizational goals to keep pace with “game change”.



Our EDC System provides speed,
low cost and high quality