Privacy Policy

Asklep strives to be a highly value-added intelligence provider to further drug development and is committed to the proper storage and control of information. We securely protect information sources and our client data including individual “My Numbers” and all individual information. We herein provide our privacy policy and our commitment to it.

We respect and comply with all relevant laws and regulations for the protection of personal information, including but not exclusively “The Protection of Personal Information Act” and “The Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure Act”, and ensure complete protection of individual privacies. Our entire staff is trained to handle personal information properly. Furthermore, we have established an in-house management system to protect personal information and secure confidentiality regarding our clients’ information.

1. Collection, use and provision of personal information

Before collecting personal information, we clearly inform the client of our purpose of the collection and treat all data appropriately within the scope of the consent agreement obtained from the source.
We ensure proper storage of all personal information obtained and ensure that only correct and current information is provided within the limits of the purpose.

2. Security

We have developed technical and organizational in-house policies and enforce security measures that protect personal information from any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of destruction.

3. Rights of information sources

When disclosure, correction, or delete of personal information is requested by an information source via our help desk, prompt actions are taken to accommodate the request in line with all legal and social policies.

4. Organizational activities

  1. (1)All Asklep directors and employees fully comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.
  2. (2)In accordance with the guideline for handling personal information, we have formulated in-house relevant policies and comply with all regulations including “Personal Information Protection Rules” and “Guidelines for Proper Handling of Individual Numbers and Specific Personal Information”
  3. (3)A personal information protection administrator has been appointed and has the responsibility and authority to implement and operate our compliance programs.
  4. (4)A person has been selected to specifically be in charge of complaints and consultation requests and a system has been developed which provides easy access for information sources
  5. (5)An official has been given the responsibility of conducting effective and efficient audits.
  6. (6)In accordance with auditing results, necessary changes will be made to improve in-house policies and operating procedures.
  7. (7)We work together with our corporate and individual clients, suppliers and partners to achieve, develop and strictly follow our privacy policy.
  8. (8)Our privacy policy has been made public and is transparent to anyone concerned.
  9. (9)We continuously revise and improve our compliance program.

All Asklep employees and staff engaged in the business are fully aware of and understand the purpose and intentions of our privacy policy and take particular care to deal appropriately with personal information in our day-to-day business.

Established in April 1st, 2005
Revised in October 1st, 2015

Yuichi Yahagi
President & Representative Director
Asklep Inc.