Unique In-house EDC System
Exclusively for PMS

Asklep, a pioneer among Japanese CROs providing postmarketing surveillance service, has been of service to the PMS projects of many pharmaceutical companies from the time GPMSP was first introduced in 1997. We are proud to report that we successfully launched our “ADDIN” EDC System Solutions on the market in 2010, made possible by the expertise and know-how we obtained through the process of in-house development and the operation of our data management system specializing in post-marketing surveillance. ADDIN ensures efficient, reliable and high-quality data collection for your PMS operation.


Service Features

Point 1. User-friendly EDC screen reduces the workload for Medical Doctors
Point 2. Wide variety of Data Management functions and efficient processing
Point 3. Full CRO support for pharmaceutical company operations

Wide Variety of Data Interactions

ADDIN has the following data management functions to manage large amounts of data management for PMS.
1. Coding (disease, drug name, adverse event)
2. Logical Check (Secondary logical)
3. Reexamination Request Form preparation (including dictionary files)
4. Data Management Task Control (including progress follow-up function)
5. Survey Progress Check (including progress charts)

Email Transmission Function

The messaging function in ADDIN supports smooth and reliable delivery of survey/resurvey requests via email.

Record Tracking Functions (Audit Trail Functions)

ADDIN manages data from initial data entry by medical doctors to the final lock. The recorded data is searchable for confirmation and output.

Survey Specification Changes and Version Upgrades

Changes in survey items and logical check specifications often occur during PMS; however, with the ADDIN system, such specifications and content changes are possible without suspension of the survey.

Electronic Signature Function

The messaging function in ADDIN supports smooth and reliable delivery of survey/resurvey requests by emails.

ADDIN (First Generation) by Therapeutic Area

Message from IT Solutions Staff

M.K. has 8 years of experience in system development and solution service in PMS-EDC.

I believe providing a total solution service more than just the development of a PMS-EDC system for clients is the fundamental goal of our team. I am honored to have offered this service to several projects for my clients using “ADDIN”, our in-house system. My experience tells me there are unexplored areas in PMS computerization beyond EDC. In addition, the system requirements vary depending on the client and the project. Our mission is to face these challenges and accommodate our clients’ needs with total solutions possible with “ADDIN”. We first try to thoroughly and clearly understand our customers’ workflow. We consider the flow from contracts to data management and biostatistics and put an emphasis on simple yet highly functional system development through management of the project.