EDC Service

Our extensive experience, expertise and lineup of system products provide full-featured EDC solutions.

Our wide variety of EDC services, including our in-house EDC system “ADDIN”, provide solutions best suited to accommodate your project size and budget. Our services range from support for designing EDC to data management operation and take full advantage of every EDC feature.

Service Features

Point 1. Our highly experienced professionals are responsible for your project from designing the system to all operations.
Point 2. Our proposals are designed to accommodate your specific project size and budget.

Our consultation service for EDC installation

  • Support for preparing SOP
  • Consultations on CSV

Our services provide international safety information

  • Design and development of eCRF screens
  • Design of data validation specifications and logical check construction
  • Preparation of data entry manual
  • User training
  • Management of sites and users
  • Progress management
  • Manual check
  • Query management (query preparation and submission, data lock)
  • Import of external data, export of data
  • Delivery of data in SDTM by CDISC

Lineup of GCP-EDC services

  • Rave
  • Viedoc

Lineup of PMS-EDC services

  • Viedoc
  • PostMaNet

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Our EDC System provides speed,
low cost and high quality